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T.A.I. Company commercializes malleable iron pipe fittings marked “EE” produced by Odlewmia Zeliwa company according to UNI-EN 10242 corresponding to standard ISO 49. “EE” fittings allow the connection of pipes for cold, hot and drinking water system (they are certified and not toxic), burner gas distribution system, since they satisfy standard UNI-CIG 9034 titled: “Distribution conduit of gas with maximum working pressure at 5 bar. Materials and connection system”. Furthermore they allow the connection of conduit in steam system, central heating and fire system.
The Malleable White Hearth Cast-iron grade EN-GJMW-400-5 according to UNI EN 1562, corresponding to grade W 40-05 according to ISO 5922 present a cast iron with the following characteristics: a superficial decarburized part (ferrite), an intermediate part of ferrite-pearlite, a central part of tempered pearlite-ferrite-carbon. Analysis conducted on a sample of 12mm has noticed the following data: traction resistance: min Rm=400 Mpa, extension: min A3 ≤5%, hardness: max 220 HB; from the metallographical research turned out that the structure is compliance with standard ISO 5922 and EN 1562. “EE” fittings are threaded according to the standard UNI-EN 10226/1 titled “pipes threading for sealing coupling on the thread – external conical and internal parallel threading – dimensions, tolerance and designation” corresponding to ISO 7/1 and ISO 228/1.

maximum working pressureThe table on the right side shows the maximum working pressure allows depending on the usage temperature (it valid for all diameters). Malleable cast iron fittings can be supplied with black surface or with a protective galvanized surface of at least 70 micron thickness.
The galvanization is done through an hot dip in a molten bath of zinc according to the point 11.2 of ISO 49. The chemical composition of the metallic mixture used during the dip is: ZN – min 98,5%, Al – max 0.1%, Sb – max 0.01%, As max 0.02%, Bi – max 0.01%, Cd – max 0.01%, Cu – max 0.1%, Pb – max 1.6%, Sn – max 0.1%. Fittings are tested making an internal pneumatic pressure of 0.5MPa, as requested by law 11.4 of standard ISO 49 and by UNI 5192. Fittings are marked according to point 14 of standard ISO 49. Odlewnia Zeliwa company has obtained Bureau Veritas Quality International certification ISO 9001, the certificate n. PL11000185P of the 7th of July 2011.

Our company commercializes also Fittings marked “MD” realized in black hearth cast iron EN-GJMB-350-10 as standard UNI-EN 1562 and according to class “A” of the standard UNI-EN 10242.

Threading on fittings is done according to standard UNI-EN 10226/1 titled “threading of pipes for sealing coupling on the thread – external conical and internal parallel threading – dimensions, tolerance and designation” corresponding to ISO 7/1 and ISO 228/1.

Trochetti neri FN533Black Couplings

Download the full T.A.I. fittings catalog   The black couplings threads are made according to the standard ISO 7/1

Nippli tutt filettato F531All Threaded Male Nipples

Download the full T.A.I. fittings catalog   Our all thread nipples are made in compliance with standard ISO 228/1

Barilotti zincati F530Zinc-coated Nipples

Download the full T.A.I. fittings catalog   The zinc-coated nipples threads are made in compliance with the standard ISO 7/1

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Download the Malleable iron fittings catalogue Hereafter you can find some simple tables with prices and packaging of the products. Below each picture group you will find the link that opens the respective table. Once you check the price list contact us immediately in order

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Do you need fast supply and competitive prices? We have in stock about 2.000.000 € of malleable cast iron fittings of all the range. We are one of the biggest distributor in Europe. Download the malleable iron fittings catalogue   Here you can find, in